Ways to Support

Volunteer or Donate at 3in1 Thrift

3in1 Thrift is a thrift store in West Allis that supports Lake Country Lutheran High School.  


Dora Comfort Dog

Dora recently had surgery to repair a torn ligament in her knee, similar to a human ACL. The surgery was a result of overuse while in her ministry field. The amount of walking, interaction, and comfort has taken a toll on her joints. This was a move to sustain her future as a comfort dog and remain ministering to those she impacts daily. The surgery was performed flawlessly, and Dora has returned to full-time work. Her surgery impacted the team’s financial position as funds were pulled to cover the cost so she could continue to comfort those she sees on her visits. This surgery was a huge blessing to Dora, as she will be able to get back to full ministry without struggle or discomfort. 

Dora is a trained LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee. She serves our school community and is deployed in times of disaster and crisis to bring comfort to all those affected, including first responders and the volunteers who serve them. Dora is a friend who brings a calming influence and allows people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them.

   Donate Here to the Dora Fund   






Lake Country Lutheran   



Welcome, LCL parents. You are automatically a part of BOLTS. We welcome you to get involved as we support our co-curricular activities, and most importantly, our students, coaches, and advisors. 

To find out more about what is going on and how to get involved Click Here!



What Is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”.  When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn revenue for our organization. Check out paticipating retailers.
How scrip generates revenue for you
The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non‑profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. Our organization buys the scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to families like yours for full face value. The discount ‑ from two to fifteen percent or more – is our organization’s revenue that is shared with you.
Scrip is "shopping cart fundraising”
Scrip is a popular fundraiser because families don’t have to sell anything. Organization members produce revenue by making regular household purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip.
Begin Using Scrip today!
Sign up and begin ordering Scrip today for your family. Register online and use enrollment code: 11FBD1BD25949
Orders are due with payment on Tuesdays (if not using Presto Pay, make checks payable to LCL) and should be ready for pick up in the school office on Fridays.  Orders will not be placed during the shortened holiday/vacation weeks.


The Scrip program is now carrying an inventory of cards available to purchase in the office.  This is a simple way to buy your favorite gas, grocery and restaurant cards without the wait.  Can't make it? No worries, send your student to the office with cash or check and they can shop for you.  

We will be carrying the following (inventory may increase or change due to demand):

Culvers $10
Panera $25
Kohls $25 and $50
Starbucks $10 and $25
Subway $10
Walmart $25
TJ Maxx $25
Kwik Trip $25 and $50
Roundys (Pick and Save) $25 and $50
Noodles $25
Piggly Wiggly $25 and $50


Sign up and order forms will be available at time of purchase if an item you would like is not in stock.

The rebates vary with each of these businesses (some as high as 25% cash back).  The profits are split with LCL.  What a great way to help pay for your student's tuition just by shopping for food and gas, while supporting the school (money goes to tuition assistance). 



“"A gift to LCL is so much more than just a finance thing. It’s seeing one more person in the hallway who wouldn’t have been able to be there, or having one better class than you ever could. It’s a day-to-day experience that you get to have...truly is an experience and a blessing every day. ”