Our Christian beliefs and principles permeate everything we do at Lake Country Lutheran High School - from our scripture courses and chapel services to our mainstream curriculum and co-curricular programs. Our staff will seek opportunities to share the presence and power of Jesus Christ at work in our daily lives as Christians.

The staff continually strives to encourage and support Biblically based values, morals and ethics in all formal and informal contacts with students. LCL students are encouraged to stand out and be different amongst their peers, not because of their appearance or possessions, but rather because of whom they represent as a chosen child of God. Emphasis is placed on appropriate, respectful and dignified relationships with other students as well as with faculty and staff.

The manner in which we conduct our day-to-day operations is reflective of our commitment to excellence in all facets of becoming a productive, Christ-centered person.



The LIFT Program "Living In Faith Together" fosters leadership and mentoring skills within our student body and helps nurture the family atmosphere of LCL as the students learn to apply Scriptural principles to their lives.  Mr. Caleb Cain, LIFT Director, explains more in this video.
LIFT groups meet on Thursdays after 2nd hour to study the Scriptures and provide support for each other.  It's a small group bible study with a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and student-led by LIFT leaders. 
Upperclassmen apply to be LIFT leaders in the summer and are coached by teachers throughout the year as they develop their leadership skills.  Universities often reach out to ask why so many of our alumni lead clubs and bible studies on campus.  LIFT is one of the ways we develop leaders at LCL.


The best way to understand why we have chapel three times a week and a Christ-centered school is to experience it.  Hear from our Director of Spiritual Life, Mr. Mark Newman as he shares a chapel message to our school community in May 2020.  

You can find more of these videos and messages on our YouTube Channel.

We encourage you to visit on a chapel or LIFT day!

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Class of '22, Taylor

"I can confidently ask challenging questions because my religion teachers always present tough topics in a way that won’t be offensive, but challenge the way we think and relate to scripture. "

Lake Country Lutheran's Core Values



Biblical Truth:
We believe in the inerrancy of the Scripture and the literal interpretation of God's Word as it applies to our lives in service to others.

Our commitment to others is marked by care, dignity, humility, integrity, and the application of Grace as we build meaningful life-long connections with one another. 

We aspire for integrations which are honest, respectful, clear, consistent, and timely, where expectations and accountability are embraced. 

An attitude of continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence allows each individual to maximize opportunities that use God-given talents for the benefit of others.

We strive to emulate Jesus' love for others in all situations, evidenced by unconditional care, compassion, joy, and passion.


Newman_Mark 2023-2024
Mr. Mark Newman, Spiritual Life Director, Religion Teacher, Head Boys Basketball Coach
Cain_Caleb 2023-2024
Mr. Caleb Cain, LIFT Director, History Teacher, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Football Coach