Welcome to Lake Country Lutheran High School!

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an education founded on a Christian Worldview.  We have amazing school community who is committed to guiding students' development as Christian men and women and growing them into strong leaders.   Our significant enrollment growth over the last 20 years is correlated to the talent and investment of our teachers and coaches in our students' lives.  We invite you to visit our campus to learn more about LCL and to experience the energy of our community as it permeates the academic activities, athletic competitions, artistic endeavors, and spiritual growth of our students.
As you explore our website, you can catch a glimpse of who we are and how our mission of Sharing Jesus, Shaping Lives, and Developing Leaders provides the foundation for all we do at LCL.  We would love to have you join our LCL family where We Teach Truth!

Blessings to you,

Principal, Kathryn Baganz, PhD.
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Principal, Kathryn Baganz, Ph.D.


Lake Country Lutheran High School is part of The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, which is a group of premier schools dedicated to sharing Jesus and developing future leaders by providing relevant, rigorous academics and life preparation from a Christian worldview.

We strive to nurture all students, empower them to meet the challenges, and seize the opportunities of the future as disciples of Jesus Christ in service to others.
Our mission statement to Share Jesus, Shape Lives, and Develop Leaders is the precise reason why Lake Country Lutheran High School is such a special place. Our Christian beliefs compel us to integrate the faith in all aspects of life. We lead by serving, modeling ourselves after Jesus Christ. Our caring is marked by the presence of compassion, integrity, collaboration, and accountability. Our commitment to the success of all students calls us to provide programs and instruction dynamic enough to meet the demands of the future. Lake Country Lutheran High School is owned and operated by The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, which is comprised of Lutheran churches that together support the operation of its schools (Lake Country, Martin Luther and Milwaukee Lutheran). We invite you to embrace our mission and join our school family in pursuit of excellence and preparation for the future!

What Makes Us Different?

Lake Country Lutheran High School is dedicated to nurturing every facet of a young person’s life. This approach involves not only academic instruction but also addresses the areas of spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth as well.

Our Spiritual Life

Our Christian beliefs and principles permeate everything we do at Lake Country Lutheran High School - from our required religion courses and chapel services to our mainstream curriculum and co-curricular programs. Our staff will seek opportunities to share the presence and power of Jesus Christ at work in our daily lives as Christians. The staff continually strives to encourage and support Biblically based values, morals and ethics in all formal and informal contacts with students. LCL students are encouraged to stand out and be different amongst their peers, not because of their appearance or possessions, but rather because of whom they represent as a chosen child of God. Emphasis is placed on appropriate, respectful and dignified relationships with other students as well as with faculty and staff. The manner in which we conduct our day-to-day operations is reflective of our commitment to excellence in all facets of becoming a productive, Christ-centered person.

Our Commitment to Learners

We anticipate that our students will find themselves in at least five complex spheres of living in the future; relationships with others, education, work, civic life and the world. Therefore, it is critical that they are equipped to bring a Christian perspective to each life role and reflect values which will enhance their individual performance. These desirable life roles represent what students should know, be able to do, and be like, by the time they graduate form LCL. The roles are comprehensive and will require students to have a depth of knowledge and skills in order to perform the complex tasks required of them. It is with this in mind that our administration and faculty constantly review our academic and co-curricular programs to insure that young people are properly prepared for the challenges they will face in the future. We are dedicated to providing dynamic and meaningful experiences for students so that after they leave us they will continue to grow as life long learners in society.