Lake Country Lutheran High School (LCL) is a comprehensive, parochial, 4-year high school accredited by AdvancEd. LCL moved into its permanent facility in February of 2009 after ten years of renting spaces in the Lake Country area. The state of the art school building contains classrooms, three science labs, two computer labs, music rooms, athletic locker rooms, the Great Hall student center and an extra-large Gymnasium with a capacity for 1200 spectators. The beautiful 100 acre campus has outdoor practice facilities as well as competition fields for soccer, softball, baseball, football and cross country.

Lake Country Lutheran's Core Values



Biblical Truth:
We believe in the inerrancy of the Scripture and the literal interpretation of God's Word as it applies to our lives in service to others.

Our commitment to others is marked by care, dignity, humility, integrity, and the application of Grace as we build meaningful life-long connections with one another. 

We aspire for integrations which are honest, respectful, clear, consistent, and timely, where expectations and accountability are embraced. 

An attitude of continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence allows each individual to seek opportunities that use God-given talents for the benefit of others.

Evidence by unconditional care, compassion, joy, and passion we strive to emulate Christ's love for others in all situations. 

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Class of 2017, Hannah Sandretti

"LCL is like a family because they genuinely care about you. You spend a lot of time at your high school...It's like your home..."


Lake Country Lutheran High School moved into our new permanent facility on February 14, 2009. Our facility is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Highways 16 and 83.
Our focus on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of our school, and what makes us unique among all schools in the Lake Country area. Our philosophy of nurturing all aspects of our student’s lives (spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical) is permeated by the ethics, morals and standards of the Bible. We seek to enhance and instill Godly principles into our student’s lives on a daily basis throughout all programs and activities.
Additionally, LCL students consistently score above the national and state norms on standardized tests (i.e. ACT exam). LCL had a student with the only perfect score in the State on the 2004 spring ACT exam. Our AP Statistics students have an unheard of 100% pass rate on the annual national exam, while our AP US History students score in the same range as their state student peers. Ninety-five percent of our graduating seniors have indicated plans to continue their education after high school. Needless to say, a high quality education is certainly available to all Lake Country students.

A variety of athletic teams, fine arts offerings, clubs and activities round out the LCL experience. Our fast-growing student body is blessed with caring faculty and staff whose faith permeates all areas of the education experience. Sharing Jesus, shaping lives, developing future leaders...