The average LCL student takes 5 or more advanced placement/dual credit courses.


The curriculum provided for students will allow for maximizing individual potential as well as appropriately enhancing the skills necessary for success in today’s modern society. While college preparation is the main focus of our academic program, we provide elective courses which supplement the core curriculum and round out a student’s academic experience. Our Advanced Placement program presents appropriate students the chance to experience the rigor of college courses while finishing their high school education, potentially saving families thousands of dollars in college tuition costs.

LCL gives teachers autonomy in their curriculum.  Teachers select content that teaches Truth and reflects Jesus.  But also, content that allows them to teach in a way that is best suited to their teaching style and their students' needs.  Teacher autonomy allows for flexibility in teaching the unique individuals in our classrooms.


College Preparatory Curriculum
We provide a challenging, comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum from a Biblical worldview.  Our curriculum serves a varied population of learners with relevant, rigorous, and well-rounded instructional content for college and life preparation.
  • 80+ Courses
  • 40+ Elective Courses / 15 AP & Dual Credit Courses
  • 23.5 is the average ACT score for the class of 2020 (compared to 20.5 in the State of Wisconsin)
  • Over 60% of LCL graduates did so with college credit eligibility via our Advanced Placement program
  • 98% student retention
  • 16:1 is the student/teacher ratio
ACT Test Data 

The average composite score results, Class of 2020:

(LCL tested 108/115 students)

  • LCL Composite: 23.5
  • State of Wisconsin: 20.5
  • National Average: 20.8

The average scores by subject area, Class of 2020:

  • Math: LCL 22.7 . National: 20.5
  • Science: LCL 23.1 . National: 20.8
  • English: LCL 23.3 . National: 20.2
  • Reading: LCL 23.7 . National: 21.3
  • Number of students scoring 30 or higher in subject area: 14 in Math, 20 in Science, 22 in English, 29 in Reading
AP/Dual Credit Program
At LCL, we challenge all students to take AP and/or Dual Credit courses.  With the average student taking over 5 college level courses, LCL students leave with a firm academic foundation for college.  It is not uncommon for LCL students to start a semester or year ahead of other students upon entering college.  
LCL enjoys powerful partnerships with the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) as well as Dual Credit Programs with Concordia University - Nebraska, Concordia University - Wisconsin, Grand Canyon University - Arizona, and Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC).
  • LCL's multiple AP results consistently score above state and national averages.
  • Multiple AP courses are available to students across the curriculum (Math, History, Science, English).
  • At WCTC students go to their courses from 8am-12pm daily and arrive at LCL for lunchtime for their final three class periods.
  • The Dual Credit partnerships allow students to take a wide range of classes such as Sports Management, Digital Video Production, Marketing Principals, Firefighter/EMT, Welding/Fabrication, etc.


Sam, Class of '24

"The courses are challenging academically speaking, but every teacher doesn’t just give you homework and send you on your way. They give you the tools, skills, and resources needed to be successful. Everybody here I see as family because we all grow together and learn in faith."


The school day begins at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm. A typical class period is 40 minutes in length and meets daily Monday through Friday. A chapel service is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning after 2nd hour. Attendance at chapel is mandatory. Chapel speakers may involve the Principal, faculty members, students, local Pastors and other guest speakers invited by the Director of Spiritual Life. LIFT groups meet on Thursdays after 2nd hour. Living In Faith Together (LIFT) fosters leadership and mentoring skills within our student body and helps nurture the family atmosphere as the students learn to apply Scriptural principles to their lives. LIFT involves small group student-led Bible study with a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in each group. We provide Student Support Time after 2nd hour on Tuesdays (please see description below). Students receive a thirty-four minute break towards the middle of the day for lunch. A Lunch Program is available to students for a nominal cost. This Program includes freshly made ala carte entrée items and beverages.  Students also have the option to bring a sack lunch for their nutritional needs.  Vending machines and microwaves are also available.


The standard recommended grading scale at Lake Country Lutheran High School is as follows:
A    4.000    (95-100)
A-   3.667    (93,94)
B+  3.333    (91,92)
B    3.000    (87-90)
B-   2.667    (85,86)
C+  2.333    (83,84)
C    2.000    (79-82)
C-   1.667    (77,78)
D+  1.333    (75,76)
D    1.000    (72-74)
D-   0.667    (70,71)
E    0.000
(credit received based upon effort)
F    0.000     (0-69)


LCL provides Student Support Time required for all students each Tuesday after 2nd hour. Students will have an assigned location for Student Support Time, and they will also have opportunities to request help from teachers in other classrooms as needed.