Student Spotlight: Why I Chose LCL

Posted by Carson Cantwell on Feb 14, 2019 2:31:41 PM

Freshman Caroline Daniels shares what helped make her decision to go to LCL, and the other decisions along the way:

9_Daniels_CarolineThe decision about where to go to high school is difficult and requires a lot of prayer. I had various options on where to go to high school and in 8th grade, I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. I had researched and learned about all the high schools in my area, but I felt like LCL was where God was pulling me. My parents and I attended an open house that worked for our family. The open house was informative and helpful. It was a nice way to get to learn more about the school and to meet some of the wonderful LCL community. After that open house, I knew I wanted to be at LCL. My education and faith have always been important to me and I trusted that LCL would help me grow in both my faith and academics.

My family further communicated with LCL, and we set up a time to choose my classes. To be totally honest, I was nervous to pick out my classes. I wanted to make sure that I was choosing classes that would challenge me and help prepare me for AP courses, the ACT Exam, and college. When we arrived at LCL on the day that I was assigned to pick out my classes, I was greeted with a warm smile by the office staff and then led to Mr. Brazgel. This is one thing that makes LCL unique. Each student gets one on one time with a LCL staff member when choosing classes. Mr. Brazgel was extremely knowledgeable and made the process easy. He not only discussed my options (including all requirements) as a freshman, he helped me understand the progression of my classes through graduation. We were finished in less than half of an hour.

About a week before school started, I attended LCL Freshman Orientation. I was both nervous and excited to meet new people and learn more about LCL before the first day of school. We were given our class schedules and locker assignments. I was so grateful to a friendly senior who I helped me with the lock on my locker. At the orientation we were all split into small groups to learn more about LCL and meet a few people before the first day of school.

Throughout the entire process, the LCL staff, teachers, and students were helpful and caring. They did a great job helping guide me from a perspective student to a prepared freshman.

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