Meet a Student Led Business: Eagle Eye Productions, LLC

Posted by Carson Cantwell on Oct 3, 2016 5:03:02 PM


It always amazes me what our high school students are capable of outside of the classroom and separate from their extra-curricular activities. 

From time to time, I like to catch up with students and ask them what they like to do after school. One day, I just happened to ask the right students. Seniors, Ben Krimpelbein, and Jared Jacobosky, pulled out their phones and showed me some amazing footage of an LCL student wake boarding. 

Ben Krimpelbein (pictured left in the photo above) started filming through a television show on the sportsman channel. The show put him through film school where he learned how to set up and capture the perfect shot. Over the summer, Ben took a GoPro to Jared Jacobosky's (pictured right in the photo above) family cabin and thought he would do some filming on the water. The boys bought a cheap editing software and started an Instagram account under the name, Eagle Eye Productions. The feedback they received on the videos was positive, so they decided to follow their passion and turn it into a real company. cropped-website-header.png

With a few sample videos produced, Ben and Jared were able to fund and register their company under the name, Eagle Eye Productions, LLC. Their video production team specializes in boarding sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. They use their editing talents to promote boarding and give other riders a way to harness their full potential.

Ben, a national merit semifinalist, plans to study mechanical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship or business. Jared plans to study mechanical engineering as well, with a minor in business. They will be recruiting and training new team members to help manage their company's growth while they both attend college. Along with LCL, their company has partnered with Elevated Clothing, Prospect Snow and Wake, and West Rock Wake Park.

Lake Country Lutheran High School has been blessed with incredible kids that pursue incredible things. We are excited to partner with Eagle Eye Productions and capture the LCL experience this year through photos and videography. I cannot think of a greater way to share Lake Country Lutheran than through the eyes of its students. We look forward to seeing what Eagle Eye Productions can produce this year.


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