But Why "Lightning?"

Posted by Andrew Braun on Oct 28, 2019 3:30:00 PM

Have you considered the magnitude of your name? Your name is far more powerful and significant than just the characters that represent it. A name is a word that represents everything you are known by, including your past, present, and future self. As the board of directors drew up plans for a new school in the Western Suburbs of Milwaukee, a name was needed. There were many ideas tossed around and eventually it was agreed to name the school after the community in which it was intended to serve, Lake Country. The addition of “Lutheran” was added to signify the basis of the school’s existence, which is founded on biblical truth.


Possibly more significant than the name itself is the mascot: an image that represents the student body in relation to the world. A quick google search shows the things one should consider when deciding on a mascot. Will the mascot be a Human Character, Animal Character, or Object Character? Will the character have a voice or just be symbol? Geographical location or historical significance of your location might be a consideration. There are many factors that are considered when determining a mascot. One that many leave off the list is scripture!


Not many people remember that a contest was held within the area grade schools to come up with the LCL mascot. There were many submissions collected on a proposed name and drawing of the potential LCL mascot. Because the area is surrounded by many lakes and considered a great fishing area, there were many LCL Muskies drawn, a few warriors, but possibly my personal favorite submission was the LCL Pterodactyls! Looking back, we may have missed some unique marketing opportunities …


In the end, with thoughtful prayer, time spent reading scripture, and a good drawing from a young girl at Zion Lutheran School, Lake Country Lutheran Lightning was born. The scriptural basis for “Lightning” comes from Psalms 97:4 “His Lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles.” Take a read through Psalms 97 and you will see the power, might, and glory of God poured out.


We are thankful for the thoughtful process that the board of directors, Tom Buck (CEO at the time), Mark Bahr (Principal at the time), and the community went through to create the name and symbol that represents our school and students. Since then, the Lake Country Lutheran Lightning have been a bold, powerful, and inspiring light to the community for over 20 years. We continue to be inspired by our current students and alumni who stretch across the globe shining their light.


There are plenty of opportunities to visit LCL with the major LCL Honors Event (November 17th, 2019) We invite you to come see how your legacy at Lake Country Lutheran is still impacting the students today!

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