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Join us in 2021 - Guinness Book of World Records 5K Attempt

In 2021 we will try to break the world record for most runners linked together while running a 5K.  You only need to be able to walk a 20:00 min/mile pace for a 5K.  To participate, click the link above and then click "Start Fundraising".  This will direct you to create your registration page by donating $50+ to your page OR you can use this registration page to fundraise for the race.   Official date TBD, but you can register and/or start fundraising now.  Please contact Shari Debraal if you have any questions.



Lake Country Lutheran High School (LCL) has always envisioned expanding our current building to better serve students.

In 2018, this vision took flight when a couple silent donors identified the immediate and crucial need for additional space. With the growth in enrollment to over 370, our current facilities did not allow us to offer an exceptional experience for our students due to space limitations. The original building was designed to serve approximately 280 students and the building expansion allows LCL to serve up to 500 students. 

With 99% of our graduates continuing onto college, we needed to expand the challenging and comprehensive curriculum as well as give more resources to serve students with varying learning styles.   The building expansion is also designed to give our fine arts program and extra-curriculars the much-needed resources and spaces they need to perform at a high level. It includes adding five classrooms, two bathrooms, band and choir classrooms, band storage, music practice rooms, and a multi-use space for fine arts. With awesome silent donor support, the academic spaces were built in 2019 with 80% donated and the help of a construction loan.

We are currently working on the last phase of the project which includes building out the feature performance space with seating, stage, lighting, audio, accessories, and other amenities.  This space will be used for chapels, plays, musicals, band and choir performances, and as additional gymnasium space when not in use by fine arts.  

In the dreaming/visioning phase of the project, LCL committed to raising funds in a loving and transparent way. This inspired the faithfully envisioned part of the campaign. Now we lean on our community and pray for support to complete this project. 

Logo: Faithfully Envisioned & Faithfully Completed


Your gifts and support will help the LCL building expansion reach its goal of being Faithfully Envisioned & Faithfully Completed.